Beer Review: Mississippi Mud

I figured it was about time to review this beer when I couldn’t get the Ray Charles song, “Mississippi Mud” out of my head. Unfortunately, Mississippi Mud, the beer, is quite different than the classic greatness of Ray Charles. Brewed in Utica, NY, Mississippi Brewing Company brews this Black and Tan which is suppose to be a porter and pilsner mix; like an old-school collaboration beer. Mississippi Mud is a 5.0% alcohol by volume beer that it sold in a 1 quart jugs that are reminiscent of old moonshine jugs. As a craft beer drinker, this label looks like a complete hoax, but for $4.00 I figure it’s worth a try.

Pored into a traditional pint glass, Mississippi Mud looks surprising light in color. I guess that I thought that a beer called “Mud” would be thick and syrupy. It actually has a dark ruby-red color when held up to the light. It’s filtered pretty clear and small bubbles create a light lacey head. The smell of this beer is dominated by caramel malts. It is very sweet without having roasted porter smells. The pilsner qualities dominate the nose and for a black and tan it smell kinda funky. Overall, the look and smell of this beer is not helping my first impression of this beer.

Tasting Mississippi Mud immediately reminds me of Guinness Black Lager. Mississippi Mud tastes like a blend of 25% or less of porter and 75% or more of a generic pilsner. There is mild hints of coffee and chocolate but not nearly enough to make me think this is a quality beer. The carbonation level is low, the body is light, and the lingering mouth feel dissipates quickly. I guess this could be a good tasting session beer if it was cheaper and I wasn’t concerned so much with taste and quality.

This beer is hardly worth buying. I might get it again if it was on tap at a dive bar, but that’s never going to happen. Mississippi Mud clearly only sells because of the eye catching jug it comes in. Mississippi Brewing Company isn’t even in Mississippi, it’s in New York. I don’t suggest buying this beer, it’s cheap and highly disappointing. As Ray Charles might say, “When the sun goes down, the tide goes out, the people gather round and they all begin to shout” Mississippi Mud is a beer I can go without.

Freaks United Beer Rating: 1.8

1: Busch (Anheuser) 2: “I’ll drink it if you buy it for me.” 3: “I’ll buy it.” 4: “I’d recommend this beer if you see it” 5: “I recommend finding, buying, and drinking this beer at all costs necessary, NOW!”
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2 Responses to Beer Review: Mississippi Mud

  1. Damn, you’re harsh.

    • Maybe a little harsh, but the truth is I was sadly disappointing. After being involved in the Craft Beer industry for a few years now, it’s sad to see that there are still products that people don’t put enough heart and soul into. It’s okay to make a bad beer, it’s not okay if it’s the only beer you make and you try to sell it as something special.

      Thanks for reading Dan, stay tuned this summer as I get back on the horse and review more beer.

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